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Duration - 1hours 52 min directed by - Lone Scherfig scores - 218 Votes Country - Denmark genres - Drama Lone Scherfig. BRUH WHY DOES THIS MOVIE HAVE ALL THE NEW ACTORS THAT BEEN POPPIN OFF OMG. The kindness of strangers watch online. The kindness of strangers tv series. A thicc fog? Does that mean another ship for Panic once more. The Kindness of strangers on a train. The kindness of strangers trailer german. The kindness of strangers blanche dubois. The kindness of strangers salka viertel. The kindness of strangers trailer. The kindness of strangers movie 2019.


The kindness of strangers 2006. I love it, but the guy who got robbed at gunpoint and was blessed after that, god is truly amazing. Turn the lights off, put the headphones on and watch this new trailer for 'ANTLERS' If this doesn't scare you, you are lying! 😉. The kindness of strangers by katrina kittle.

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The kindness of strangers official trailer.

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The Kindness of stranger than fiction. I feel like I just watched the whole movie... Excellent song.

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0:01 instant earrape. Well that looks heartbreaking. The kindness of strangers documentary. The kindness of strangers: penniless across america. People sometimes have the biggest hearts... sad part is the dog is there because some has a dark one... good and bad in the world but thats life... Thanks for the vid🇺🇸🤠.

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The kindness of strangers merlin. Seeing the thumbnail. I thought this was a comedy. The kindness of strangers movie trailer. The Kindness of stranger in a strange. I love how they say God is Good almost every single person. Bc God is good and there is still hope in humanity <3. Looks like a better Predator movie than ‘The Predator. FRIENDS taught me the different between spring vacation and spring break (woohoo. The kindness of strangers film. The kindness of strangers virgin one. The kindness of strangers movie. The kindness of strangers lyrics.

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I am the captain now 😂😂😂. The Kindness of strangers. The kindness of strangers beverly hills 90210. The Kindness of strangest people. Ok, there a part of the narrative I haven't just seen. The kindness of strangers novel. The kindness of strangers torrent. I have read this book it's by john green: ❤. 1 like = 1 prayer for Music Box. The kindness of strangers buffalo ny. Well. I didnt plan on sleeping tonight anyhow. Just kidding. I have no idea how you employ psychedelics, and anyway it’s none of my business. But now that I’ve got your attention, I want to tell you about an (innovative, possibly groundbreaking) approach I’ve developed. It’s called phonomancy. If my story inspires you try it out for yourself, awesome; I’m really only posting this to see if there’s anyone working along the same lines, someone I could share notes with. Phonomancy involves the ritual use of psychedelics, recorded music, and visualization exercises. Now, before you jump straight to the comments to tell me, “Big deal, people have been tripping to Dark Side of the Moon since forever”, let me just say--I know. Psychedelics and music go together like chocolate and peanut butter. What’s different about phonomancy it involves intentionality and the structured application of physical, emotional, and cognitive stressors to create specific visionary states. Before I go further, let me state the premises phonomancy is based upon. Every modern pop and rock song has been carefully engineered to create a certain emotional response. It could be a particular flavor of heartbreak, a sense of mystical wonder, a state of psychotic aggression... whatever you want, really. For every feeling you can think of, you can find a song to match. And this is in large part how and why we listen to music--either to complement (and intensify) an emotional state we’re enjoying (“I feel fucking awesome, lemme play ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves” or “I feel like fucking killing myself today, I’m going to listen to some Elliot Smith”) or to counteract or snap us out of an emotional state we’re not enjoying (“I feel like fucking killing myself, I’m going to put on some Katrina and the Waves and sing along until I feel better. ”) Psilocybin tends to amplify emotions. When you put high dose psilocybin and recorded songs together, it can allow you to get really into the narrative/emotional space of the song. If you close your eyes and focus on your interior experience, that emotional will call forth memories that resonate with that narrative/emotional space. If the dose is high enough, and you concentrate, those personal images can become transpersonal, which is to say, archetypal. When you make contact with an archetype, interesting things can happen, including extremely intense somatic experience of emotions and visionary downloads. While you can get this kind of effect with any music, it tends to work best with songs that have lyrics. Lyrics describe a narrative; they create a story space we can immerse ourselves in. Classical music and EDM will definitely make feel something, maybe even a strong something, but that something tends to be fairly abstract and difficult to describe. Songs with words simply make the emotional target of the song explicit, and therefore more readily agreed upon by a group of people. More about that in a bit. Now. Those are just the premises. And if that was as far as things went, it’d still be pretty awesome. Basically every song that you love is a magic spell waiting to be activated. You could take a big dose of your favorite substantia and spend a very interesting four hours exploring your mp3 collection or Spotify playlists to see the visionary results you can get from various songs. But before you drop and rock, allow me to make a suggestion. Since time immemorial, human beings have invoked their deities through the ritual use of dancing and singing. You would be well served to do the same. And if you say, “Well, I don’t dance, ” I can only reply, well, you’re missing out. Because dancing while on the medicine is fucking awesome. And more to the point, you can use physical movement and body control--holding your breath, tensing and releasing muscles--to intensify the effects of the psychedelic. Singing, even more so. When you sing along to songs while under the effects of the psychedelic, you can reach a state of complete identification, total immersion, that allows for magical thinking. That is to say, you may get to the point where you believe you are not simply listening to the music, you are creating it through your actions. And guess what? If you believe you are, then brothers and sisters, you are. It’s entirely subjective, but so what? As Jung said (roughly), “Psychic events are still events. ” Okay. So there you are, singing and dancing to your favorite songs while going HAM on your favorite psychedelic. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Because if you structure your experience, you can give yourself agency. No longer do you have to simply passively accept whatever the medicine gives you. You can take the imaginal powers it grants and do work--lifechanging work. Over the course of several months’ experimentation I identified songs that had an explicit emotional target that could be interpreted as a stage in the Monomyth, or Hero’s Journey. That is to say, one song could stand for The Everyday World, another the Call to Adventure, and then Crossing the Threshold, Gathering Allies, the Descent into the Cave, etc. and etc. I found a bunch of rock songs (all tending toward the kind of heavy rock I enjoy) that could work for this purpose, and then a bunch of female-sung pop songs that could also work. And what I discovered was that by working through these songs in sequence, I was able to create in myself an intense experience of catharsis, the kind of thing we usually watch movies or read books to experience. Except that it was me-- I lived the Hero’s Journey. Twice, in one night. After II added some additional songs that could serve as traditional aspects of a religious ceremony--an Invocation (for protection), a Processional (to ramp things up), and a Recessional (to cool things down), I’d come up with about four hours of activity--basically the length of your standard mushroom journey. What that allowed me to do was start pushing my dosages higher and higher. Once I got to a “heroic” 5g dose, I started turbo-boosting with judicious hits of pot. I had the “ego death” experience, and then realized, that’s only the start--not at all the end goal. The end goal is to be able to remain lucid, and in total self-control, no matter what the dosage. So I continued to up my mushroom dosage, and then added Syrian rue, and vaped DMT, and etc. The dancing allows one to process and shape the really outrageous somatic energies that get released with that kind of intake. It also allows one to effectively embody intention. That is to say, when you’re doing high doses and working with very loud, very dark music like Tool and Mastodon, all kinds of freaky things start happening in your head, and it can get scary. Dancing and moving allow one to literally “push back” on the dark energies/entities that will inevitably come to feed on you when you are in such a vulnerable position. Singing--and having to remember the lyrics--forces you to concentrate, to know exactly where you are and what you are doing. So even when you encounter cognitive oddities like time loops, they are far less frightening, because you are aware that if you are singing words in succession, then time must still be passing somewhere, and eventually you’ll find your way out. Now, all that is a lot. I know that. And I haven’t even touched on the role that physical fitness plays. Because dancing for four hours is no joke. And dancing on psilihuasca--that combination of mushrooms and Syrian rue--is even harder. It’s like trying to work out in a 50lbs weight vest. But it can be done. And it helps to build a remarkable level of will and determination. Which is good, because now things are about to get really challenging. Because once you can handle high doses and stay lucid, the way to progress is to then start imposing on yourself increasingly cognitively complex and emotionally challenging tasks. The first would be being able to follow the ritual along with other people, with all the uncertainties and surprises that can produce. And then beyond that, well… Here’s what beyond that: get to the point when you can walk out on stage in front of a group of people on a high dose of your favorite psychelic. Then lead them through the ritual. On 5, 7, 9g, tell stories, sing songs, dance, change costumes, run a light show, do IT when your tablet malfunctions, etc., etc. And--and this is a big and--deal with the reality of the normally unseen forces one encounters in deep psychedelic space, while performing all those actions. In a sense, it’s not really any different than what shamans have always done. But it’s not simply aping the practices of indigenous cultures. Phonomancy is style of shamanism based in 20th and 21st Century Western popular culture, and its benefits are amazing. Intense visionary experience up to and including communicating with the deity of one’s choice. There’s SO much more to say about that, but I’ll leave that for another post. An expanded emotional range. That is to say, you may have had your heartbroken, but you’ve never felt anything like plugging into the collective human experience of heartbreak. Your suffering for the three and a half minutes of the song that summons that experience is a metaphorical crucifixion, but you’d better believe that when it’s over your insides are scrubbed bright and shiny clean. And the very fact that you’ve engaged in that shadow work means that your ability to feel ecstatic joy is expanded, as well. A remarkable increase in self-control. When you can, in ceremony, keep your shit together on a superheroic dose--to the point where if you were to suddenly encounter a stranger, they would have no idea you were under the influence--you bring a lot of that back out into the world with you. Your executive function is strengthened. You find yourself reacting far less and responding far more. When something annoying happens, you still feel that flash of unhelpful rage, but instead of simply giving into it, you reflexively ask, “Is this going to serve the best interests of everyone in this situation? ” and then act accordingly. In order to be good at phonomancy, you have to develop a broad skillset outside of ceremony. Getting really fit, learning to sing, to dance, to act, to concentrate, etc. It’s all of a piece, and it becomes a lot easier to make time for all that stuff when you’ve got a real reason. Ultimately what this is all about is an application of Hans Seyle’s concept of eustress to the psychedelic space. If you’re not familiar with the term, eustress is beneficial stress. That is, stress that makes you better. It’s how barbell strength training works. You come to the gym. I teach you to squat with an empty barbell, which weighs 45lbs. You do three sets of ten reps. You go home. Eat. Sleep. When you come back in a couple days, your body is ready to squat that 45lbs labels. It has adapted, developed new capacities. Therefore in order to make you stronger, I have to put another 10lbs on the bar. You squat that for three sets of ten. Go home, eat, sleep, etc. That’s the process. When I first started developing phonomancy, I was surprised by how negative the reaction was of the people I knew in the psychedelic underground, aspiring therapists all. But then I started thinking about the people coming to our Psychedelic Society meetings. They were virtually all looking for some kind of healing. They’d heard that psychedelics could cure depression, trauma, addiction. They were virtually all terrified, too, and looking for the easiest/lightest way to get started. Microdosing was by far the most popular topic of discussion. Then I remembered how violently physical therapists had reacted to CrossFit when it was first becoming popular, some 15 years ago. And something clicked. If your whole model is based on helping injured or sick people return to normal functioning, you simply won’t be able to relate to people of normal capacities pushing themselves to their very limits in order to vastly stronger and fitter than the general population. And that’s really the position of the psychedelic therapists I know. They’re all about reducing stress in the journey, with their couches and eyeshades and Bach in the headphones and handholding. But phonomancy is something else entirely. Phonomancy is psychic CrossFit. (And I use that analogy very advisedly--most people who train CF don’t know what they’re doing. But its central conceit--that people can be made very fit by chasing intensity--is spot on. ) The other thing, I think, that makes phonomancy a whole new deal, is that it creates an environment in which people can do this work together. Now, if you’re the kind of person who simply want to explore your consciousness all on your own, again, I’m not saying you’re doing it wrong. Just as I wouldn’t say that to the guy content to work out alone in his garage. But there are a lot of experiences in life that become more intense when we share them with other people. Comedies. Orgasms. And religion. Especially religion. It’s why every religion has a community component. Most of them have lost the thread, have simply become rote repetition of empty gestures. But make no mistake, psychedelics have the potential to be the future of religious practice. If everyone is just off doing their own thing, it’s not going to go anywhere--it’ll be like Babel, a million people speaking a million different languages, and nothing really getting achieved, because nobody is coordinating, nobody is cooperating. So yeah. . Like I said, I really just want to know if anyone out there knows of anyone working along similar lines. Which is to say, inventing specific techniques for working with psychedelics that involve the intentional self-infliction of stress in order to achieve self-actualization, and creating a format in which groups of people can do the work together. I know there’s Santo Daime, which is interesting, but I don’t think approaching the inner work, especially the Shadow work, with such explicit intention, which means they’re missing out on the benefits. Anyway, if you’ve read this far, thanks for your time.

4:00 That was awesome. im sure that made his day.

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EDWARD CULLEN. Ok I'm watching. As a cartoon this is really solid. Would have expected this kind of episode from an adult cartoon on like toonami or some ish. Crazed guy trying to unlock your power episode was not where I thought this would go. Whoever did this trailer is a genius ! Hyped to see this movie. When he said the vote to end the suspension was 3to1 i almost lost it. There was actually 1 heartless fool who voted against. Wow. Just watched it tonight. Excellent movie. So many twists and surprises in this me guessing until very end. Helen Hunt looks a bit different, but great movie. Did he just say Daddy? Well, the Down Jones Average just went up on this one folks! Sleeper hit here.

The Kindness of stranger. The kindness of strangers trailer 2019. The Kindness of strangers with candy. Ethan Hawke is a gem. A great actor. Favorite ❤. The kindness of strangers. The kindness of strangers tennessee williams. The kindness of strangers december 2019 movie. The kindness of strangers trailer deutsch. Her meets Eagle Eye. Amazing song. Chupa minhas bola. DnD, Comedy, Roleplaying We got it all here at The Unexpectables! PODCAST LINKS! ITUNES: GOOGLE PLAY: Recorded Live 7:00 PST Wednesdays on.

This actually happened to a dude I used to know. His dad would always take months long trips to the Philippines. He found out when we was 20 that his dad had another family and that he had a teenaged brother and sister he had never heard of. He hasn't talked to his dad since and it tore apart both families. Really depressing story actually.

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